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Things to Remember

Sample Event

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Keep your cell phone with you at all times since you will be getting check-in calls!

♦ Bring a pair of scissors to be able to open newspaper bundles.

♦ Bring sunscreen and hats/visors.

♦ Wear comfortable shoes.

♦ Remind your team members to bring plenty of water.

♦ To help keep money organized, bring rubber bands for bills and Ziploc bags for change.

♦ It might be helpful to start with seed money (e.g. 20 one-dollar bills) to allow your team to make change, if needed.

♦ Count your money and write the final amount on the outside of the bank bag prior to sealing it closed. 

♦ Aprons do not need to be returned unless you have no need for them.

♦ If you need more or have excess newspapers, call the Marian Foundation at (805) 739-3595.